The Double Program

In our fast paced lives we forget to stop and take care of what really matters, our health.  So Healing Hut TCM has developed The Double Program to ensure that we change that habit.   You pay for two/three treatments at one time and get a discounted price.

$200 - 2-90 Minute or 3-60 Minute Massages or Acupuncture Sessions(savings of $30/session or $60 total savings)

$150 - 2-60 Minute Massages or Acupuncture Sessions (savings of $25/session or $50 total savings)

The Course Program

Often times you will need more than just one acupuncture treatment to see the desired results especially when dealing with a chronic issue. The Course Program is designed to take your through a “full course” or 6 treatments for a discounted cost, to get to those deep rooted issues.

$450 - 6-60 Minute Acupuncture Only Sessions (savings of $25/session)

Gift Certificates

Gift Certificates are a great way to give the Gift of Health!